Jules A. Toups, Jr.
Professional Land Surveying

We use Robotic Total Stations and Survey Grade GPS Receivers.

With the aid of our Robotic Total Stations we our able to use a smaller survey crew, this keeps the cost to a minimum. Which translate into a greater value to our clients.

We use our GPS System to establish control networks that are used in large boundary and topographic surveys and to establish elevations for elevation certificates. With our GPS Equipment, we have the ability to get real time corrections using the GPS Receivers as Network Rovers or in a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) mode. We also have the ability to collect Static Data and Post-Process this data to establish our control points.

The standard equipment contained in our survey truck is as follows:

Robotic Total Station
Network Rover/RTK/Static GPS System
Automatic Level
Metal Locator
Two-Way Radios
Hand Tools
Associated Equipment & Supplies

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Surveying Equpment